Thanh Nguyễn - Product Guy

Product Owner at GHN · (+84)1626741286 ·

Loves simple and beautiful UX and UI and is always focused on important small details and what makes mobile apps great and growth.
Passionate about startups and tries my best with early stage startups to build great product.

In addition, I have ability to work independently as well as in a team. Familiar with the pressure of work.
I am confident, too, that, with enthusiasm, and sincere effort, I can integrate with the position quickly.


Product skills

  • Love to get a feedback from the user then analyze and turn it into a feature to solve their pain points.
  • Analyzing, conceptualizing, prototyping, validating new solutions and execution by working closely with designer, engineering, QA, Maketing.
  • Explain to the development team about product's market & users
  • Provide vision and road-map of product to the development team
  • Provide insight and direction on the product, manage product backlog (create & list requirements)
  • Mobile ui ux design principles
  • Data analytics
  • App store optimization (ASO)

Technical skills

  • Android app architecture, Google map, use firebase, push notification, admob, custom widget
  • Woking with some popular SDK from google, facebook.
  • Web service integration.
  • Working with version control system such as SVN, Git
  • SQLite, mySql or similar databases, Experience with third-party libraries and API


Giao Hang Nhanh

  • Product Owner | May 2017 - Present
    • Analytics and build new application feature
    • Improve user experience.
    • Optimize user acquisition channel

    Products| Android - IOS

360LifeChange (Social network for Charity)

  • Co-Founder | Aug 2015 - Feb 2017
    • Build team, research and analyze market trends and technologies to help identify product enhancements.
    • Working in UI/UX to define the best user experience of the product, developed android application.
    • Define the product requirements and prioritize the product backlog.
    • Bring a vision to whole teams about the promising product.

    Products| 360LifeChange

Boxopen Studio

  • Software Developer, App Store Optimizer | Jun 2015 - Present
    • Developed few game and application, working as freelance in Mobile, Web.
    • Both of our application reached over 100k user, one of them reached 500k user.
    • Make money by In-App Purchase and Admob ads.

    Products| Faster Thinking - Motivational Stories - Status Hay

Real-Time Analytics

  • Android Developer | Oct 2015 - Mar 2016
    • Custom android widget support for collects survey : face detected , call , maps, date time widgets. Open Data Kit systems…



  • Android Developer | Apr 2015 - Sep 2015
    • Working on app hayhaytv , giong hat viet , HTV online app, 365 band. Social network

    Products| HayHayTV - HTV Online


Designed and Developed by me

  • GHN - Event screen in app [demo]


Love dance, creative

Build things, especially a software product

Working culture

Stop fucking complaining, get shit done

Move fast, break things

Always be learning (strong impact from @coderschool culture)